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How Can I make Money with Valued Voice Sponsored Posts?

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What is valued Voice?

The valued voice is a social website that helps advertisers and influencers (webmasters, bloggers, facebook users, Twitter and Instagram users) together with the aim of collecting jobs from advertisers and giving it to influencers. This process is what they call sponsored posts.

Do you own a website/blog, Facebook Profile, Instagram or Twitter page? Do you want to get paid for sponsored posts on your blog/website? Do you love to be paid just by posting what you love on your social media pages?

Then Valued Voice can answer you that.

With Valued Voice, you will receive tons of opportunities on you online platforms.

Read the most detailed Review of Valued Voice and how I made my first Money with Valued Voice last week.

How does Valued Voice work?

If you are an influencer managing a blog or social channel, you can work with Valued Voice. We currently offer sponsorship opportunities for Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, and Instagram. When signing up please follow the appropriate steps that pertain to you. Once your account has been created you will start receiving opportunities.

How much will I be paid?

You set your own prices when working with us. Keep in mind, by setting a reasonable price you will earn more money while working with Valued Voice.

When will I get paid?

We pay all of our influencers on the first of every month via PayPal. This is for any type of sponsored campaign you do with us. If you choose to upgrade your account you may be eligible for early payments. You can upgrade while creating your account or any time after your account has been created.

See this review before you join: Valued Voice

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