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Are you new to the CPA Marketing?
then am sorry to say you are left behind for alot of people have been doing it. Don't know what is meant by CPA? it simply means Cost Per Action it's simple when you promote an offer and the targeted visitor do a required action, you would get paid for that, it might be a mail opt-in, and app install or a purchase action.
we have alot of CPA Networks you can get started by trying cpalead which pays on request url here....

or other cpa network like MaxBounty, CJ-aff peerfly,Cpagrip and much other (you can google that) some requires you to have a phone call with one of the accounts managers and they would ask you some few questions basically your experience with cpa marketing and if you are lucky, they would approve your application else you'd be disapproved. example is MaxBounty.
Some does'nt require any phone verification but you'd be approved based on the information you provided during your registration. so what are you waiting for? kindly Join the winning team... i can answer your questions bellow.

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