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How to advertise your business when anyone calls your MTN Line

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Are you a Business Man? and wants to showcase your services the more? MTN has all it takes to advertise what you do.This service is called the MTN Caller Feel Service.

When activated, it allows you personalize a message displaying your services as a POP up when anyone calls you.

This way, you can advertise your services e.g. "Meet me for your Technology Issues", "I am an internet marketer, blogger, Graphic Designer", etc.

How to Activate MTN Caller Feel Service to advertise your Business

Step 1:
Go to your message box and create New Message. Text "REG" without quotes to  50016 . This costs N50/month and you are allowed to update your message 25 times for the month....

Read more from http://nairaclass.com/forum/index.php?to...rdseen#new

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